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Boa Media Group

BOA Media Group is the ultimate owner of industry-leading brand BetOnAces, and it’s affiliate network, BOA Partners.

Launched in 2017, London UK, we are a bunch of gaming enthusiasts who came together and created the most fun and exciting thing we could.

We enjoy gambling online, and we designed our award-winning casino BetOnAces from the ground up to make people smile, happy and enjoy gambling as we do.

We believe that our players should be at the heart of everything we do, and our vision is simple; create a fair, customer-focused environment that will revolutionise the gaming industry through our passion for technology.

Our revenue is generated through bookmaking, gaming and marketing businesses with a global reach. In addition to the UK, we have expanded our international footprint to 20 countries. We will continue growing in digital markets and diversifying our products to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

We believe in rewarding those who deserve to be rewarded, so we keep a close relationship with our players, and we listen to them.

We give you control. Your money is the fruits of your hard work. You deserve to choose how you spend it. The more you play, the more fun, more laughs and more rewards you should get.

We are aiming to be the place you come whenever you want to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

We are also dedicated to providing our customers with a safe place to gamble, with measures in place to assist those that feel gambling is or is becoming a problem. We feel that part of our responsibility is to ensure that with our full range of games and entertainment is vast but manageable. Our ambition is to provide a platform that is both safe and engaging, that allows our valued users to play within their financial means.

We are endeavouring to deliver the highest levels of services; our ethos guides us to achieve this with integrity while maintaining our true nature.

Fundamentally our responsible gaming efforts target players security and to protect them against problem gambling. We do this alongside the relevant governing bodies for the countries we are operating.

We are passionate about what we do, we believe transparency, humbleness, speed, right people, clear vision and technology can drive innovation and have the potential to change the industry.

The possibility to create something new, make a positive difference is what drives us. Together, we are changing the future of online gaming.